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Your career in Cardano starts here

Live courses in an easy-to-understand format, streamed twice weekly, re-watch anytime.

Designed for novice programmers

Get accepted to the Plutus Pioneer Program 

Prepare for a career in Cardano

Go from Zero
to Haskell

The Zero to Haskell program was designed with the assistance of the Plutus Pioneer Program team at Input Output Global. The course work is designed to teach students the fundamentals of Haskell that are needed to not only get accepted into the Plutus Pioneer Program, but also to thrive in it.

First step in learning to write smart contracts on Cardano

Write your own program by the end of the course

Guaranteed acceptance into the Plutus Pioneer Program

Learn with your classmates in GitHub, Discord, and YouTube

Have access to your teacher during live class sessions and via email

Kickstart your career in Cardano by going from Zero to Haskell

Get Started in three Steps


Register and Pay

Want to have a career in Cardano? Make the commitment today and start learning the basics to kickstart your career in the Cardano ecosystem.



Get prepared to find success in the Plutus Pioneer Program by gaining the foundational knowledge of Haskell. By the end of this course, you will be able to write your own application in Haskell.


Plutus Pioneer Program

We give you the base knowledge to truly succeed in learning Plutus, giving you the best opportunity to find a career working within the Cardano ecosystem.

Go Zero to Haskell Now

Start learning today

Key Features

Prepare for a career in Cardano

Having a base understanding of Haskell is essential when learning Plutus - the smart contract language for Cardano. Zero to Haskell is designed specifically to give novice programmers the skills and knowledge they need to excel in learning Plutus.

Live Online Courses

Join our class twice weekly for online live sessions where you can ask questions, work through problems you may be struggling with, and build the base knowledge that will guarantee your success in the Plutus Pioneer Program.


Join your classmates in online forums to help each other work through problems and collaborate on the Zero to Haskell course work. 

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