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About the team

Patrick Lance graduated from Ohio University in 2009, where he studied Business and Information Systems. His career primarily focused on Robotics and Supply Chain until he was introduced to the Cardano blockchain in 2017. Since then, Patrick has spent his time investing in crypto and studying blockchain use cases, and recently was working on a team that tokenized real estate.


During his time researching blockchains, tokenomics, technologies, and languages – Patrick noticed the large barrier to entry in learning the Plutus language (the smart contract language for Cardano). Haskell being the base language for Plutus – he embarked on a journey to find out if it is possible to learn Haskell as your first programming language. But all of the online literature for Haskell referenced other programming languages making it seemingly impossible for a novice to learn on their own.

Patrick embarked on a mission to solve this problem within Cardano. He began searching for a programmer that learned Haskell as their first language and one that also was a Plutus Pioneer graduate.


Then Patrick met Luis.

Luis Marillo-Najarro graduated in Mathematics at University of Sevilla in 2014, where he was introduced to Haskell as his first programming language. In 2021, Luis became a graduate of the first ever Plutus Pioneer Program. He has since become a subject matter expert in the fields of Machine Learning and Data Science. Working in the Banking, Insurance, Retail, and Energy sectors – Luis has firsthand experience in industries being disrupted by blockchain technology.  


Software development has been Luis’ key focus for the past 8 years, coding in a number of different languages: Python, R, PL-SQL, Scala, etc... But Haskell being the first programming language that he learned; it remains his favorite. 


Luis precisely understands the challenges of learning Haskell as a novice programmer and that is why he chose to teach this course. His unique education in learning Haskell as his first language, paired with his Plutus Pioneer experience make him the ideal person to teach this course.

So, if you’re new to Haskell or programming in general, and you want to start a career within the Cardano ecosystem – Zero to Haskell is for you. You in?

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